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• What do you like to read? Wow, umm... lots of things. I do have a… 
28th-Sep-2007 08:26 pm
sleeps together
• What do you like to read? Wow, umm... lots of things. I do have a particularily large love for any kind of novel that has a romance running through it, sometimes that's ALL I want to read, is books with romance in them. Mind you, when I say that sometimes I only mean a dash of romance going on, just a little tiny bit and I'm satisfied. I like memoirs, things like Agusten Burroughs, and I like kids books. Not just picture books, but sweet little innocent novels that make you feel all warm and tosty inside at the end. Sometimes unhappy endings really, really bother me, unless I think it's a justified ending. Two people dying at the end of a book might not bother me because they died together; I'm weird like that. I love fantasy novels and YA novels and sometimes older more serious novels are really what I want to read. I like Jane Austen adn other classics, yet I find that I really have to be in the mood to read a classic, otherwise it seems more like a chore than anything. I think I'd be into sci-fi if it was well written. I like Daniel Handler, Lemony Snicket (same guy, I know), Gail Carson Levine, Agusten Burroghs, Stephenie Meyer, Eion Colfer and books are along the lines of: A Thousand Little Pieces, Dry, Once Upon A Marigold, Stardust... lots of other things I can't think of at the moment. I don't think I've kept good track of all the books I've read. I like to read things over and over.

• What kinds of books do you avoid like a bad cliche? Well, I don't usually avoid much, but sometimes I can't find mystery books a little tiring. It's just not my scene. Not always, sometimes I love them and can't put them down, but I'm a bit iffy on it. Books that are REALLY dark and don't have a satisfying ending. If I know the ending is supposed to suck, I'm a little bit wary of reading the book.

• How quickly and how often do you read? Well, when I'm into a book I usually read it constantly until it's done, like I breath in the book. But, if nothing's really jumping out at me, titles wise, I can sometimes go for awhile without reading anything. Mind you, if there were things that I wanted to read it might not be the case, it's just I don't always know what to read (I have a limited selection in my library and anything I want has to be ordered in), then I kind of just laze around reading nothing. I don't think I'm a 'book in a day', person. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer is around 630 pages and it took me... a week or a little less to read it. I was inhaling that book. So, maybe you should kind of just go from there. The Mists of Avalon took me over a month to read, because it was hard for me to digest and I kept starting and stopping over and over again. It was also really long!

• What's in your current "To Read" pile?
Some more Neil Gaiman, Kelley Armstrong, Daniel Handler, some more memoirs. Nothing specific... This is what I mean, I get into book ruts. XD
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