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I am a junior at a college in Tennessee with am a History major, and… 
4th-Jan-2009 08:11 pm
I am a junior at a college in Tennessee with am a History major, and a philosophy minor. I'm a geek, and proud of it. I've always loved to read, and always like to keep an eye out for new finds.
What do you like to read? I read many genres of books. I enjoy classics, science fiction, philosophy, fantasy, mystery, some YA, historical, and cultural/travel. I like it when books have a dash of romance, or unrequited love, but a plot is needful. I haven't had a chance to read a whole book James Lee Burke, but I really enjoy his style from what I've read of it. I love books that have a lot of wit/dry humor in them.

A sample of my book list: Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein, Cat's Cradle, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Persuasion, Les Miserables, Black Ships, The Giver, His Dark Materials, the Temeraire series, A Tale of Two Cities, Discworld, How the Irish saved Civilization, Stardust, Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrel, American Gods, Sherlock Holmes, the Silmarillion, The Lost Tales, Good Omens, Keys to the Kingdom series, Beauty, .

Favorites: Jane Eyre, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Ella Enchanted, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the Bible, the Dresden Files, Harry Potter, Howl's Moving Castle, Mere Christianity, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Fahrenheit 451, 1984, Sabriel, the Princess Bride, the Amulet of Samarkand, various works by Johne Donne.

• What kinds of books do you avoid like a bad cliche? There aren't too many books that I absolutely cannot stand. I'm not big on steamy romance books, biographies, self-help books (unless they actually *are* useful), or extremely twisted (in a negative/bad way) books. I'm not a big Twilight fan, but I will admit that are a few (not many) slightly interesting points to the series (that's being generous). I don't read much poetry, but I am open to it. I love Johne Donne's works. I really am open to books, so long as they are well written. I can't read the "Eragon" series. It plagiarizes far too much for my taste.
• How quickly and how often do you read? It really depends on the book, and how much free time I have. I can finish off a 300 page book in a day, but school prevents me from doing that very often.

• What's in your current "To Read" pile? I can't remember all of it.
The Dark Tower Series
Something Anne Rice. It's sad/wrong that I've never read anything by her.
Angel Masks
A Clockwork Orange
The Kite Runner
Peony in Love
Fingerprints of the Gods
A ton of other books I can't remember
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