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i'm a newbie here 
23rd-Jan-2009 10:46 am
i am new here , i just started this journal . i have been reading allot more lately than i ever have. I just finished the Twilight Saga, I am reading  At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks right now.

What do you like to read?  I like to read Nicholas Sparks , Danielle Steel,  Harry Potter books, Twilight Saga, romance , Artimus Fowl , but i also want to read things like Jane Austen

What kinds of books do you avoid like a bad cliche?  Christan books

How quickly and how often do you read? i am reading a book every couple days to a week

What's in your current "To Read" pile?
Agatha Christie's and then there were none ,  Nicholas Sparks The Rescue and Nights in Rodanthe, Artemis Fowl Artemis Fowl The Arctic Incident The Eternity Code The Opal Deception The Lost Colony
The Time Paradox
all by Eoin Colfer

i read a mix of all kinds of stuff

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