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Find a reading buddy.
Welcome to Bookfriends!
Hello! You've stumbled upon bookfriends, the reading-buddy sensation that's gripping the nation, and all that jazz. Here at bookfriends, it's our mission to match you up with someone who will help you conquer that ever-growing "To Read" pile. You help each other, actually, and have a great time doing it.

So how does it work? It's simple. You post with a few tidbits about yourself, such as . . .

What do you like to read? Authors, favorite books, genres, etc. Give us a holistic view of what you might pick up in the bookstore.

What kinds of books do you avoid like a bad cliche? Again, genres, authors, specific books. This will tell everyone about the type of people who shouldn't even consider pairing up with you.

How quickly and how often do you read? You might have eerily similar literary tastes with someone else, but if they pack away a book a day and you prefer to savor each sentence, you won't be a good match.

What's in your current "To Read" pile? Finding others with similar books here will make it easier, but they don't necessarily have to be the same. You might even be interested in finding someone with a completely different stack, to throw some variety into each others' reading lives.

You can include anything else you feel is relevant to your search for a match. The focus of this community is to help you find one specific person that you can work together with. Read, discuss, recommend. It's easy to find other LiveJournal users who read - at bookfriends we invite you to be more selective.

Once you have found a reading buddy, there are no rules as to how you handle your "two-person book club." You can alternate on picking the book to be read, or agree on a list - whatever; anything goes. Mutual motivation is the goal.
Please use common sense here. Be polite, no trolling, flaming, etc. I don't suspect that there will be much of an issue with this.

Please limit your posts to self-advertisements relating to the suggested questions above. There are hundreds of other communities that will faciliate actual book discussion, reviews, recommendations, etc. The simple goal here is to find a reading buddy.

Do not post your self-advertisement more than once without permission. If you don't get any satisfactory responses in a timely manner, be content to watch the other posts for someone you think you'll click with. Then you may refer them to your self-advert. If it has been several weeks/months, you may request to post your ad again.

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